"We really appreciate the assessment that Project Management Training, LLC provided as a result of its audit of our Project Management Office (PMO). Numerous best practices were implemented which enhanced our project management operations and provided us with additional tools to elevate quality and customer focus. As a result, we have improved employee satisfaction, increased our Net Promoter Scores and successfully expanded our service offerings."

Bryan Chapin President (CEO), MagView Inc.

"The class was well structured and well planned, and the instructor was very knowledgeable about the course.”

“What I liked best was the instructor’s presentation style.”

“The techniques taught by the instructor to help pass the PMP exam were great.”

“I liked that the instructor provided personal PM experiences that were applicable to the subject matter.”

“Presentation of material was logical and made to be understood in a practical sense.”

“Excellent coverage of the subject matter, and the complex was made simple."

Former Students (Project Management Training) Company

"Reference letter from most recent prior boss while serving as a Program Manager - Provided upon request"

Tresa Howington VP Business Operations - Chevy Chase Bank